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Thomson & Thompson

Thomson and Thompson, called "Dupond et Dupont" in French, may be seen in the background of the opening scene of "Tintin in the Congo", but definitely start their roles in "Cigars of the Pharaoh". [Author:Kirthi]

Hergé's first girlfriend was named Milou. This gave him the inspiration to call Tintin's pet Milou as well, which is translated in English with Snowy.

In "Cigars of the pharaoh" Tintin has got another pet next to his dog. It is a parrot and appears only once as Tintin's pet in the Tintin comic series.

Tintin hasn't always lived at Marlinspike Hall. Before moving to Captain Haddock's residence, he lived at 26, Labrador Road. Mrs Finch was his landlady during that period.

Some persons who make a single appearance in a Tintin album may be seen playing the same role in other stories or even come back in other comic series of Hergé's.

Captain Archibald Haddock appears for the first time in "The crab with the golden claws". He is the president of the S.S.S. (Society of Sober Sailors).

One of Haddock's best friends is Cuthbert Calculus, whose original French name is Tryphon Tournesol. Calculus debuts in "Red Rackham's treasure" and from that moment on would always be protected by Tintin and the Captain.

A strange illness comes over the Thom(p)sons in "Land of black gold", consisting of colourful, non-stop growing hair, which was caused by some aspirin pills and which comes back in "Explorers on the moon". The Thom(p)son characters are adopted in the Astérix volume "Astérix and the Belgians".

Thomson & Thompson can be distinguished by the form of their moustaches. Thomson's is straight while Thompson's curls slightly outwards at the ends.

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