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Captain Haddock hates two persons the most - Jolyon Wagg & Abdullah!

Abdullah's Pranks

Abdullah's Pranks!

Trick 1 : Spider in a matchbox

Items Required: A toy spider, a spring, a matchbox.
Step 1
- Attach the toy spider to a spring.
Step 2 - Attach the other end of the spring to the matchbox by a tape or glue or something else.
Step 3 - Replace your father's matchstick with the one you created.
Now, he is in for a surprise.
[Author: Kirthi]

Trick 2: Ink Pistol

Items Required: An Ink Pistol, A bottle of ink (If required).
Step 1
- Fill your ink pistol with ink.
Step 2 - Give it to someone who really needs it.
Now, he is in for a shock.
[Author: Kirthi]