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Hi, Tintin fans! My name is Kirthi Iyer and I'm a great, great, great fan of Herge and his creations. My brother introduced me to this hero who has a uniqueness of his own. There is something different in Tintin that attracted me very much. It is neither his loose trousers nor his hair. It is the way he solved mysteries, captured gangsters and showed people the reality. And his dog "Snowy" has snow-white hair on his body. He has remarkable intelligence and saves Tintin at the time of dangers (Remember, in The Black Island, when the forger Puschov and his friend were going to make Tintin jump from a cliff. But snowy saved Tintin with the help of a goat). He is really a faithful companion of Tintin. Herge' created 21 comics of Tintin, one short comic of an animated cartoon "Tintin In The Lake Of Sharks". Besides these are two movies "Tintin and The Golden Fleece" and "Tintin and The Blue Oranges". I have collected almost all of them. Hope you like "PLANET TINTIN!"

Kirthi Iyer

John Hardwood
Duncan Campbell


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